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A rundown screen unit is a no-moving part separator with a very simple principle of cascading solids laden slurry down a 10 degree tilt wedge wire screen to separate the liquid and solid fractions.

The slurry is pumped or gravity fed into the unit’s top chamber, as this chamber fills, the slurry flows over a full width weir and cascades down the curved screens surface. The liquid fraction immediately starts passing through the screens voids (slots) into a collection chamber below to be pumped or gravity fed away.

Solid particles larger than the screens void size stay on the surface and start collecting at the top. Due to the continuous process, the solids accumulate, increasing in weight and volume, they slide down the screens surface, being gently compacted and further dewatered.

At the bottom of the screen the solids simply drop off, and as these units cost effectively separate large volumes with very little maintenance, they can be used as a pre-treatment, removing most liquid before further dewatering the solids by a Screw Press unit.

We supply two versions: Static screen – the screen is rigidly fixed in position and can separate out solid particles from 250 microns and above. Vibrating screen – the screen is mounted to enable it to gently vibrate, independently of the frame by a small motor. This significantly improves the efficiency, not only improving the flow rate but also reduces solid particle separaion down to 100 microns.

Throughput speed is determined by:

  • Using a static or vibrating unit
  • Unit size
  • Slurry dry matter, viscosity and flow rate
  • Desired particle size removal from liquid (screen void size)
  • Unit size