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Rotary Drum – Internal

High output units that use a slow revolving, horizontal cylindrical wedge wire or perforated screen to separate solids from a slurry on the inside (internal) surface of the screen.

Solids laden slurry is pumped or gravity fed into one end at the bottom of the inside of a revolving screen. The liquid along with solids with particle sizes smaller than the screens void (slot) size start to pass through the screen, falling into the collection chamber to be pumped/fed away. Solids that cannot pass through the screen stay on the surface (internal face), and even though the screen is revolving, the bulk of these solids remain at the bottom.

A spiral up-stand the full length of the screens internal surface acts as a conveyor auger that gently moves the solids along the length of the screen, further dewatering as it makes its way to the exit chute.

Generally used on applications for large volume.

Throughput speed is determined by:

  • Unit size
  • Slurry dry matter, viscosity and flow rate
  • Desired particle size removal from liquid (screen void size)