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Plastic storage tanks, vertical & horizontal for above & below ground applications covering most liquid storage requirements.

Rotational moulded, UV stable Polyethylene for indoor or outdoor use – storing liquids up to 40deg.C.

Supplied in 5 std. colours: Green, Black, Blue, Yellow and a translucent white (ideal for liquid level indication), others colours can be supplied upon request.

These tanks will never corrode and due the nature of the material & manufacturing process, they have extremely smooth, non-porous internal surfaces with no nasty areas that could hold-up the stored liquid, making them perfect for storing liquids hygienically and can easily cleaned.

All coned bottom and sump outlet tanks evacuate 100% of the stored liquid.

These tanks are relatively light weight compared to their size, even the largest 25 tonne capacity tank does not require a crane to off-load and position at delivery, general site equipment: teleporter/forklift can be sufficient. For peace of mind, we can advise weights, sizes and any pre-moulded lifting aides for any of our tanks.

1. Above-ground Vertical flat & coned bottom, open and closed top options.
Coned bottom evacuate 100% of the stored liquid.

Flat bottom – closed top 22 sizes:
150 – 30,000L

Flat bottom – open top:

Cone bottom – closed top:
13deg. 13,000, 17,000L
15deg. 4,200, 5,200, 6,299L
30deg. 1,360, 2,770L
45deg. 4,900, 5,700L
60deg. 1,600, 3,150L

Cone bottom – open top:
15deg. 4,200, 5,200, 6,200L
30deg. 2,770L
45deg. 4,900, 5,800L
60deg. 3.150L

2. Above-ground Horizontal 2 options, rectangular/space-saving and horizontal tanks, horizontal with options of a std. and sump outlets.
Sump outlet evacuate 100% of the stored liquid.
Although these horizontal tanks are free-standing, some are supplied with steel support frames for mounting onto trailers/vehicles, incorporating a pin anchoring system.

Horizontal – Std. 12 sizes:
500 – 13,000 litres
Horizontal – Sump outlet 14 sizes:
100 – 8,000 litres
Rectangular/space-saving 9 sizes:
240 – 5,000 litres

3. Below-ground horizontal

Tanks specifically designed to be installed underground, cylindrically shaped with hooped strengthening ribs. Do not require a concrete surround.

Access Hatch options for std. and 5 tonne.
4,400, 7,000, 9,500 litre

Options for high SG (specific gravity) liquids and different outlet sizes.

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