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Medium Duty – Planking System

Medium Duty – Planking system

Made from PVC with a low calcium carbonate resin formula by a pultrusion process.

These panels are supplied as planks 200, 250 and 500mm in height with a cross sectional thickness of 35mm. Across the thickness, a web lattice every 25mm provides a high strength, rigid construction.

The faces either side of the panels (skins) can be supplied in varying thicknesses depending on personal preference and/or application: 200mm plank with 1.8mm; 250mm plank in either 1.8 or 2.5mm and the 500mm plank in either 2.1 or 2.5mm.

The barbed type tongue & groove edge profile along both sides (top and bottom) enable the planks to be “snapped” together to give many wall height options.

Designed primarily for farrowing accommodation and weaner through to grower penning, and with additional supporting, finisher penning can be constructed with ease.

A major advantage with this system is the fact that penning contruction can be made on site by cutting the planks to length and snapping together to achieve the desired partition height.

The weak-link with other walling systems is fixing them and creating gates (supports/hinges) that are expensive, and in some cases, unsatisfactory. This system has overcome this with a cost effective, incredibly strong, non-corroding concept of a series of fibre-glass (GRP) pultrusion profiles. These profiles can be supplied in any lengths up a maximum of 12 metres or cut to length.

The planks can also be supplied in any length up to a maximum of 12 metres or to save on-site time we can supply them at the required length and wall heights (planks snapped together), with the required profiles fitted and ready to be installed.

Even though this system can be manufactured from virtually any colour, experience has shown that grey is the preferable choice due to livestock stocked housing ascetics.

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